PRO Membership tracks

Base Archives (April 2020): warmup, squat, lunge, glute bridge (optional resistance band), arms (optional weights), plank, cooldown

May 2020: calf raises, abs (optional yoga block)

June 2020: cardio, clamshell (optional resistance band)

July 2020: pretzel, legs (optional resistance band)

August 2020: lower body, abs

September 2020: arms, cardio

October 2020: thighs, glute bridge

November 2020: plank (three variations: standing, forearm, traditional), squat


December 2020: pretzel (two variations), lower body

January 2021: lunge, upper body

February 2021: glute bridge, hip flexors (chair)

March 2021: squat/cardio, diamond plie

April 2021: abs, arms (optional weights)

May 2021: lower body (optional resistance band), hinged chair (optional yoga block)

June 2021: clamshell (optional resistance band), lunge

July 2021: full body, glute bridge (optional resistance band)

August 2021: plank, calf raises

September 2021: arms (optional light weights), lower body

October 2021: diamond plie, core/glutes

November 2021: glute bridge (optional resistance band), squat/lunge

Full classes are ~45 minutes long. If you're not sure how to format a barre workout on your own (or if you don't want to search for the individual tracks), this will be a great resource for you!

Set 1

Class 1: barre/counter/chairlight weights (optional), yoga block (optional)

Class 2: barre/counter/chair, resistance band (optional), towel/socks/glider

Set 2

Class 1: barre/counter/chair, resistance band (optional), yoga block (optional), chair (to sit)

Class 2: barre/counter/chair, towel/socks/glider

Set 3

Class 1: barre/counter/chair, towel/socks/glider, light weights (optional), yoga block (optional)

Class 2: barre/counter/chair

Set 4

Class 1: barre/counter/chair, light weights (optional), yoga block (optional)

Class 2: barre/counter/chair, light weights (optional)

Set 5

Class 1: barre/counter/chair, resistance band (optional), chair (to sit)

Class 2: barre/counter/chair, yoga block (optional)

Set 6

Class 1: barre/counter/chair, resistance band (optional)

Class 2: barre/counter/chair, resistance band (optional), chair (to sit)